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How dark is our dark side?

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From childhood, we are used to accepting the rules of life in society as a matter of course, absorb them and obey them. And therefore, we are embarrassed and even frightened by “unacceptable” thoughts and fantasies that sometimes visit us. But this does not mean that we are vicious, the psychologist and writer Leon Zelezer reassure.

It is time to look at our “dark side” in a new way. What do we mean when talking about her? As a rule, pronounced antisocial instincts: lust, aggression, all those low, bloodthirsty inclinations that are hidden inside us and can destroy our life and the lives of other people if we succumb to. We imagine murder, rape, beating, betrayal, theft, sadism, exorbitant greed, incest. But perhaps our darkest fantasies are not so terrible. Rather, they can be called impudent, frivolous, primitive or hedonistic.

In the book “Dissatisfaction with Culture”, Sigmund Freud claimed that a civilized society protects individuals from personal chaos, from the manifestations of the immoral unconscious. Representatives of the authorities protect us not only from other people’s lower instincts, but also from our own

. However, this causes dissatisfaction, because for the sake of a harmonious life in society, we are forced to suppress our basic needs and desires.

Freud, of course, simplifies the situation, although in some ways he is certainly right. But even if we sometimes imagine what it is: without interference to follow our natural inclinations (not paying attention to others), represent and do – still different things.

We live in society, one way or another we count on each other, we need strong connections and are not at all arranged to configure others against ourselves. We do not allow ourselves to bring our fantasies to life, but just dreaming is another matter. Dreams of revenge, authorities or exorbitant sexual activity bring us compensatory satisfaction.

Allowing its “dark side” to manifest in fantasies, we are distracting from daily socially acceptable behavior for a while, get rid of the framework of self -discipline to present the world where our desires are even the most scandalous and antisocial, in the first place.